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Music - Main Stage plus buskers - BSFFD Sat 6th April


9.20am – 9.50am  The Floorboards

The floorboards (the boys) blues, rock alternative youth boy band playing a mix of covers and originals. 


10am – 10.45am Balingup Ukulele Band (BUGS)

This Group was formed 9 years ago and has met every Tuesday afternoon since then.

They enjoy singing along with the songs which include Rock N Roll, Jazz, and lots of all-time favourites as well as some more recent favourites.

They are lucky enough to have Bronia and John lead - Bronia plays the violin and mandolin, and John plays the guitar. 

Marjorie and Joe have fine singing voices and together with the other members strumming their ukuleles  make a terrific sound and have lots of fun.

They occasionally do gigs and enjoy bringing a smile to people's faces as they sing along with the tunes.

They welcome new members..........the more the merrier.

TUESDAYS:    1.30pm to 3.00pm  at the Balingup Community Centre



11am – 11.20am Sweet Creatures


Sweet creatures (the girls) indie alternative youth girl band, playing a mix of covers and originals. 






11.30am – 12.15pm Blackwood Rising


Blackwood rising are a blues duo that bring high energy blues rockin’ vibes. You’ll have to stop yourself from having a boogie!





12.30pm – 1.15pm Traec

Traec is a visual and performing artist, producer, and director. He has moved to Balingup with his partner and anticipate the arrival of their baby.

His covers include a bit of everything from pop, country, folk, reggae, rock, soul, and RnB.

His originals reflect a unique combination of such styles from prog rock, folk, indie, reggae, and hip hop.

Traec is an exciting performer to watch, and he connects with the audience in a real and intimate way.

1.30pm – 2.15pm Matthew John

Matthew John comes from a musical background of rock n’ roll where he’s been the guitarist, singer and songwriter of The Murderbirds - a band he started in 2015. Derived from his enjoyment of escaping reality, Matt’s love for storytelling has pushed his music into new directions of alt-country and folk with his latest solo project. Raised in a country environment, Matt can’t help but be inspired by the sounds of the blues, country, and folk songs. “It’s music I’ve always been able to relate to, yet a style that hasn’t fit with previous projects I’ve worked on.” Both country and folk have their roots in the story-song tradition and his tunes stay true to this formality. Weaving tales of vacant spaces, drinking whiskey, sinking into dark places, and trekking down wrong tracks - the music is gutsy and raw. Matt’s band accompaniment consists of fiddle, mandolin, and double bass in a live setting. However, the recordings involve more percussive elements taking the listener on a well-rounded journey.


2.30pm – 3pm Beth Chia Band

Beth Chia is a local musician who will be bringing the band together for fun vibe of reggae, funk and ska.





BUSKERS during the day include:


Ruby Wren is a 10-year-old girl from Kirup who lives on an apple farm. She has been playing ukulele for nearly two years and loves performing music across lots of genres. She’ll be busking and bringing her sweet tunes to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day.




Bevan the Busker picked up his first harmonica in 2012 on his way to travel the East Coast.

Mixing with various bands / individuals on the east coast he started to get the hang of playing Country Music.

After 4 years of learning he put some backing tracks on to his iPad to play along with and with this iPad and a small amplifier system he began to go busking at various locations.

After 10 years of playing, he has developed an ear to play along with most bands / individuals without practice whilst developing different techniques along the way.

He has previously busked at the BBCM Festival, Lancelin Busking Festival, Nannup Flower Festival, and the Manjimup Farmers Market.

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