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Working Sheep Dogs

Watching Andrew Gorton direct his working yard dogs around a flock of sheep is a highlight of the Balingup Small Farm Field Day and a must see.

Andrew and Wendy Gorton are breeders of high quality working dogs. Their aim is to breed dogs with exceptional temperaments and great work ethics for both yard and paddock.

Their breeding program is centered on breeding dogs with the natural ability to cast, cover and hold stock but above all else they work very hard on breeding dogs with the right temperament for the the job.

Their Kelpie line is based predominately on Ramulam bloodlines going right back to some great Karrawarra dogs. When selecting dog's for breeding they always try to choose dogs that will complement each others strengths. Andrew doesn't believe in compensatory mating's, for if one or both of the dogs have faults thast he believes require correction, perhaps they should not be used for breeding in the first place.

Andrew was very lucky that his first Border Collie was an exceptional bitch from the stable of Tony Boyle. A very natural, big casting, strong heading bitch. She has bred on very well, producing pups that would be equally at home on 3 sheep at a trial or 1000 sheep on the farm. A true utility line that is as good in the yards as they are in the paddock. Andrew also believes when selecting Border Collies for practical farm work that you should be choosing dogs that are short coated with plenty of pigment around the eyes and nose.

Andrew and Wendy Gorton are located in the Boyup Brook shire and can be contacted on:

0428 283 057 or email


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